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Ethiopia PM admits Eritrean soldiers entered Tigray region

Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed’s comments come as concern keeps on developing over the compassionate circumstance in Tigray. Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed conceded Tuesday that troops from adjoining Eritrea were available during the five-month old clash in the disturbed northern Tigray district and proposed they may have been engaged with …

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How the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting mental health

The World Health Organization has cautioned the Covid pandemic could have a years-in length impact on psychological well-being. In the year since the World Health Organization announced the Covid a pandemic, billions of lives around the planet have been overturned. Specialists have cautioned of the emotional well-being cost in the …

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Fire at Saudi Arabia oil facility after drone attack

Saudi Arabia censures assault, saying it focused on ‘the security and dependability of the world’s energy supplies’. Saudi Arabia said drones struck an oil office in the capital of Riyadh on Friday, touching off a fire at the establishment. The authority Saudi Press Agency cited an authority in the energy …

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Libyan lawmakers approve gov’t of PM-designate Dbeibah

Libyan lawmakers

Libya’s parliament affirms bureau of PM Abdelhamid Dbeibah following two days of extraordinary thoughts. Libya’s parliament has casted a ballot to endorse an interval solidarity government to lead the war-assaulted country to December decisions, a vital advance towards finishing a time of tumult. Following two days of exceptional discussion, the …

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